2 years later, what’s up?

I’ll tell you what’s up…more of the same since last year! A quick recap: John, playing with Mamabolo Steve & Ed playing with Minions Darren building guitars. Still much the same, but I can report that the gang has got back together in a couple of cool ways and things should be happening over the […]

Holy Hanna! The Record is Done!

Almost 2 years after recording started we have finally completed the new Organical record.   The CD has been released to manufacturing and we are working on getting it up on your favourite digital download sites like iTunes as we speak.  We should have an official release date very shortly.   There will be all sorts of […]

No news is good news right?

Right!  We are just busy trying to get the year in order, including completing the mixing of our forthcoming CD,  “We’ve Lost Contact with Monster Island” I can tell you that we are tentatively planning for a mid-June release and will have an official announcement about this as well as other exciting stuff. Watch this […]

So this band goes into the studio….

…and NEVER LEAVES!!!   That’s right.   We are are still there.   this week its doing reshoots or re-records, or overdubs.   Tonight we are going to do a couple of lead vocals that had to wait until I finished the lyrics.   We’ve been mixing away like bunnies.    We are shaping the sound and inching closer to something […]