Recording Diary #40 or Steve gets some new ink for his keyboard.

It’s been a few days since I posted an update to my odyssey through Organical recording.  Since I’ve been gone, we have tracked some vocals, some more guitar even a Cello!   I have been in my own personal lyric hell trying to get all the words and phrases and terms and whatnot just right, or […]


As hinted at in Ed’s latest Tales From the Lab strip, we’ve tracked some cello parts for the new record. Big thanks to out to the lovely and talented Kathryn Barlow, who came in and contributed some tasteful-yet-aggressive lines. We were blown away with how smoothly the session went. Special thanks to Kathryn’s friend Matt […]


Is that even a word? Well, it is now. As a new song unfolds and becomes a living, breathing entity of sorts, it sometimes whispers in a musician’s ear about what it wants – what it needs – to survive and flourish. Sometimes it’s a tweak to the arrangement, a suspended chord here or there, […]

Recording Diary #38

There seems to be a brief respite in Ed’s furious comic “stripping” so I thought this might be a prime opportunity to update y’all on the progress of our Organical Recording Diary.   You probably didn’t realize when you started reading what you were in for but hopefully you are finding the process interesting, educational, informative […]