Dec 242012

I’ll tell you what’s up…more of the same since last year!

A quick recap:

John, playing with Mamabolo

Steve & Ed playing with Minions

Darren building guitars.

Still much the same, but I can report that the gang has got back together in a couple of cool ways and things should be happening over the course of 2013.

First, John guested with Steve and Ed for an excellent Minions show, one that might go down as the last Minions show as both Steve and Ed considered Minions a bit of short-term summer project.

Darren, Steve and Ed have started working on some new songs that are being earmarked for a new Organical record, the first one was demoed before the holiday’s and was a promising new start.   The band are planning on putting the focus on getting songs recorded quickly after writing them as opposed to the long process that the Monster Island record turned into.

So here’s hoping that there is some new Organical music to share in 2013!


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  1. yo i need some yearly reviews Steve, Dan

  2. I’ll have to update the damn site won’t I?

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