New CD now out!

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Jul 032010

I put this up as a placeholder the other day, so now I can add some detail.   The new CD is now officially out!   You can get it here at our store if you are old-fashioned like us and want the physical CD or you can download it from most of the typical places for such a thing, including We've Lost Contact With Monster Island - Organical iTunes link

If you order the CD, you get the disc in a nifty package that we are very proud of and happy with, plus for the first time ever, all the lyrics are printed on the sleeve!

Over on the left we are streaming 3 songs from the record in full so you can have a listen.

This has been an epic journey for us to get this music done and in your hands so please drop us a line with any comments good or bad.

The website has just under gone a massive facelift.  There are still some bits and pieces which are being put together and tidied up but the bulk of it is up and running.   Let us know what you think and if anything does not work for you or the way you expect.

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