It’s been a few days since I posted an update to my odyssey through Organical recording.  Since I’ve been gone, we have tracked some vocals, some more guitar even a Cello!   I have been in my own personal lyric hell trying to get all the words and phrases and terms and whatnot just right, or at least my interpretation of just right.  The band got together the other night for a good old fashion band meeting.   No recording, mixing, jamming just talking about stuff that needs talking about.   We have not all been in the same room together for several weeks so it was good to catch up, listen to some of the rough(extremely rough, unfinished) mixes.

We did make one significant decision and it is this…

From now on Organical shall now be classified as “Post-metal” 
(At least on those occasions where we have to be classified.)

Here’s the definition of Post-Metal as defined on Wikipedia.

Post-metal is a music genre, a mixture between the genres of post-rock and heavy metal, with roots in progressive rock, progressive metal, shoegazing, and industrial music. It is broadly characterized by distorted guitar, heavy atmospherics, gradual evolution of song structure, and a minimal emphasis on vocals.

That’s a pretty apt description of us me thinks.   We struggled with using the word metal anywhere to describe our band because we don’t think of ourselves as metal, we just can’t help ourselves sometimes.  However of all the names we tossed around and definitions we looked up, this was the closest to describing us.

Some of the bands that also are classified as Post-metal include Isis, Neurosis, Pelican, Boris, Red Sparrowes…all bands I dig a lot.   Do we sound anything like them?  Not really but we share a lot of the same roots, such as industrial music, particularly I think of Foetus, Coil, Skinny Puppy, shoegazing bands like Swervedriver, early Catherine Wheel and Ride and progressive rock like Can, Magma, Pink Floyd.   Those are our influences and helped shape the sound of our band.  We also share a common, idunno…goal with these bands – we strive to be ourselves, to imprint our own style and originality on the music we create.

So we’re Post-metal.  

I guess with the emphasis on post. 

When you hear the new record you will see what we mean.

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