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Recording Diary #37

So here I was all set to dive into the backlog of diary entries about guitar tracking, when I see that Darren beat me to the punch and summarized the last couple of weeks in a succinct summary.   My evening just opened up!

The good thing about Darren posting is that you get all sorts of useful technical information and tidbits.   Even if I tried to do that I would just get model names and numbers wrong.  Everyone would be searching Google for an Eyebanaz AXE10232 to see if it comes in different shades of purple

Plus I don’t really remember what we did last month anyway.  It was all just a blur of guitars and trying to plug all my pedals in at the same time.

Everything is sounding spectacular so far, and last session we got John back behind the drum kit again to finish off the rest of the stuff that we have left to track drums for, which isn’t very much.    He was under instructions this week to go back and listen to see if there is anything he wants to touch up.    We spent a couple of hours tracking a bunch of different loops and patterns that we are going to use in “long_lat” we also redid the drum track for “black hole” because we lost one of the overheads for the initial session.   We think it sounds better now anyway.

So I see us spending the next couple of weeks to finishing drums and maybe even bass, then we’ll go back to guitars for a little bit.  

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«Recording Diary #35 and #36Tales from The Lab »

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