Recording Diary 27

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Jan 282009

That is an almost arbitrary number at this point, but it’s close enough to the truth so let’s go with it.   We are just about wrapped up with the temp tracking.  Last session we did 3 songs, 4 if you count the fact that we did one song in 2 different ways so other then one song which we will probably track more or less live all the temp tracks are done, which also means all the arrangements are pretty much done.  When we mix, we may make some decisions on shortening parts, or moving stuff around, but it’s mostly pretty locked in.   Next session our drummer John is back so we will be back to drums for awhile.  We have to re-recording the first 2 songs drum parts over because one of the mics didn’t pick up anything and John has mentioned some other edits he might like to try.   John has also picked up another bass drum, so that means we are going to have some double bass action, and I have a couple of ideas of how to use that.  It will mean reconfiguring the drum mic setup a bit so I want to make sure that any overdubs and pickups we might need to do get done before we start moving drums around.

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