Jan 242009

I’ve lost track of how many days exactly we have been squirreled away as I have been neglecting to post for a little bit.   We are still working on bass tracks, but we are also simultaneously finalizing all our ghost tracks or temp tracks.  These are the guides that we put down that may include a click track, guitar reference tracks or vocal tracks so that all the tracks that follow have a something to follow.  In some cases these can be tricky to do, such as on "Clarion, Claxon" which has a loose improvised feel.   While the arrangement is captured on the ghost track the feel isn’t.   As I’m writing this it makes me think that we could maybe do a live ghost track for this and maybe some of the other tricky songs.  This may make it easier for John when he’s laying down the drum tracks.

We hope to finish the drum tracks over the next few weeks.  John has been unavailable due to work commitments over the past little bit which is why we moved on to Bass tracking, but it worked out well as it gave us time to finalize arrangements and be well prepped for the rest of the drum tracks.

Because you have all been so good, here’s a picture.


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  1. That drummer looks chubby

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