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Do you know OCEANSIZE?

I was very excited the other day to receive a package in the mail containing my new limited edition copy of the latest OCEANSIZE cd, "Frames."   This is because it came complete with a DVD of the a short documentary of the band in the studio recording this CD, but more importantly, a song by song performance of the entire CD(except "Voorhees") in an empty warehouse in Manchester.

OCEANSIZE have become my "new" favourite band.  If you are anything like me(and god help you if you are,) every once in a while a band comes along that completely humbles me.  It’s almost depressing how good they are, but at the same time exciting because while I don’t have the nerve to compare my band to this band, I feel like they are brothers from across the pond.   I don’t think we are really all the similar musically, but there is a recognition none the less, like I have found someone else in a foreign land who speaks the same language I do.

I listen to a lot of new bands and new music because I am always looking to duplicate the experience of finding one like this, the last time I did was about 4 years ago when I heard Calexico for the first time.  Calexico are nothing like Organical, or OCEANSIZE for that matter, but there is something about their music which I found both completely new yet familiar at the same time.   Now granted, I just got the new Calexico CD and along with the one before, have been less then impressed with the direction they are going in, but for a while I was completely immersed in what they were doing.

When people ask about influences, I tend to refer to bands or artists that I listened to when I was younger, when I was more malleable.  Artists like Black Sabbath, or Split Enz.  This was the music that formed my notions of how to create music and to this day I still hear those elements coming out of my music.   When I hear bands now that I like, it’s in reference to what my music is like and I can compare how they are similar or different and extrapolate what there influences are.   These days, I’m hearing new bands that are influenced by bands that were influenced by the bands that I was(if you follow me.)   However, every once in a while, be it Calexico, or OCEANSIZE, or Jeff Buckley or Black Heart Procession, I hear a band that makes me reconsider everything.   That does thing I never thought of.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, go listen to OCEANSIZE.  You can find them on MySpace, they are listed as one of Organical’s top friends at

If you see them, tell them I said hi.

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