Recording Diary Day 11

I almost wrote down Recording Diary, which is an entirely different thing. I very productive session as we continue working on drums.   I badgered John until he got pissed off enough to finally nail the end of "Here Comes The Radiation."   No hard feelings and we moved on to fixing a small edit on "Diabolik" […]

New Gear Day: Longer. Wider. Deeper.

You may think i’m talking about changing the dimensions of the Organical lab, but it was actually my secret gear acquisition, which was revealed to the band at this week’s rehearsal. I’ve been playing seven-string guitars almost exclusively since about 2002… shortly after i joined Organical, in fact. This week marks the start of another […]

Recording Diary Day 11(not)

What we did instead… 1. Played around with setting up a web cam. 2. Tried to get web cam pictures uploaded to web site. 3. Compared the sound of recording on the Zoom H4 to the Zoom H2 4. Tried out the surround sound capabilities of the Zoom H2 by running around in all different […]