Recording Diary Day 10 (and 9)

Boy Howdy!  I’m getting behind on doing these.   I’m 2 sessions behind and we have another one tonight. Session 9(which btw, is a pretty good creepy movie) involved us working out some arrangement issues for "Targets"  After quite a while of creating a pretty intricate complicated middle eight section we blew off some steam by […]

New Gear Day: Line6 GearBox

I admit it. I’m a gear junkie. So when i read about Line6’s blowout deal on the GearBox Gold Bundle a few weeks ago, i couldn’t resist. For $99, you get a guitar-oriented DI box and Line6’s GearBox software and ALL of Line6’s amp model plugins. I love real amps, but i love the tones […]

Recording Diary – Day 7 and a half

  Just Ed and me last night, we were going to continue working on temp tracks for John to drum to but got side tracked.  First it was setting up the Whiteboard to track all the complicated formulas that we derive in the lab.  Also, I like writing down the song titles. Next, we started […]