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«Recording Diary - Day 5By the way…corpses…of the dead!! »

Recording Diary - Day 4

Back on schedule so to speak, and the drum work continued with some progress made.  The kick has been tamed.  It’s still not quite there but I think we are in the ballpark.

We also did a bunch of tests with John’s bundle of snares to see what’s what and sampled a variety of his drums included the sonic boom inducer which is his closed Gretsch bass drum.

I wicked discovery was that Ed’s little Zoom H4 portable recorder worked AMAZING as a stereo room mic, like literally it blew me away.  Love the Zoom.

I’m off on some travel this week so next week we’ll start laying down some drum tracks, it might be a little start and go and stop and do over but I think enough tooling around for now, it’s time to dive in.

Cutting up samples is also on the agenda this week, fun me.

I can’t stop listening to Red Sparrowes right now.  I really can’t.

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«Recording Diary - Day 5By the way…corpses…of the dead!! »

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