Recording Diary – Day 5

We actually started recording on Sunday!  Yes 5 sessions in and we have some tracks down.  John made the good point that we are actually doing fine time-wise as when you actually are in a studio and getting your drum sound, you may spend a day or two just getting to this point.   We’ve probably […]

By the way…corpses…of the dead!!

Is now available online through iTunes.   I don’t know how stuff gets done in that world, but I gather if you go to the iTunes thingy and search for Organical you will find it. You can buy from iTunes the whole shee-bang which includes all the songs from the "comfortchurch" ep as well as our […]

Recording Diary Day 2 AND 3

Boy oh Boy are we having some struggles getting going here.   Some roadblocks include(but not limited to) The Lab(our recording home, and Ed’s basement) getting flooded and having a tree fall on it.  Seriously.   It’s also been a bit of a scheduling conundrum with the boys in the band busy on summer wanderings and the […]