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Recording Diary - Day 1

Yo all, Organical has headed back into the recording studio.  Actually we just went over to Ed’s and put on our labcoats.  It’s full on at "The Lab" a.ka. Bad Vision a.k.a. Ed’s basement.

I’m going to keep a accurate and detailed account of our time in The Lab.  This will give anyone who cares a look behind the scenes about what a bunch of part-time serious musicians(I mean we are serious musician’s all the time, but only get to do it on a part-time basis.) do to satisfy the urge to create music.  Ultimately, when all is said and done the only consumer that we expect is ourselves, but we are not adverse to anyone else listening in.

So we arrived at The Lab in the evening full of hope and anticipation, optimistic and head’s held high.  John brought in his fantastic set of vintage Gretsch drums and an assortment of fine snares and so it begins.

After the drums were setup, we began the process of getting everything positioned, miked up and started to get a drum sound.  John’s Gretsch kit sounds fantastic but we struggled to get a kick sound that accurately represented what we were hearing.   We are attempting on this record to really capture a live drum sound, with as few mikes as we think we can get away with.   We really want to capture the sound of drums in a room and as such want to avoid close-miking and that direct dry sound.

We are also experimenting on this recording with running sound through Ed’s 8-track.  We’ve gone this route before when we recording the drums for "The Elementals", but different room, different deck.  We tried it out a few weeks ago and it sounded great.

After a few hours of trying different combinations, we got closer but the drum sound is still not there.   Being the part-timer’s we are, we won’t get back at it until next Sunday so hopefully we can start tracking then.

This is the first full Organical CD in a few years, so it’s expected to take us a few months.  It would be nice to have the luxury of dedicated, consecutive days but alas, we need to pay for our guitars.

More next time.

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«Recording Diary Day 2 AND 3Post-show(s) update(s) »

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