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«Viva Los Organicales!“So what kind of music do you play?” »

Next Organical Show Announcement

We are playing on Thursday, April 3rd in Burlington at the Legendary Red Rooster.  We played their last summer and thoroughly enjoyed the club, the staff and the fantastic live sound.  Details can be found on the gigs page.

Here’s a visual aid…


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«Viva Los Organicales!“So what kind of music do you play?” »

One Response to “Next Organical Show Announcement”

  1. maria said:

    hey Steve!!!

    maria and scott here ~~ sorry we haven’t called you since we all parted ways last summer due to a certain closing of a certain place. lost your number, and kept meaning to get it from someone but yeah… good to see you guys still rockn. let’s get together sometime?

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