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“So what kind of music do you play?”

Ah, the age-old question…

And one we never seem to be able to answer succinctly.

We’ve dabbled with creating our own genres (Postmodern Gothic, Ambient Metal, Post-Roll) and more often than not, end up describing ourselves as an amalgam of several of our key influences (Tool-meets-Radiohead-meets-Nine-Inch-Nails or Deftones-meets-Muse-meets-Jeff-Buckley). But neither of these approaches really does justice to our creative process and the outcome.

See, here’s the thing. Music is a creative process, and like most creative processes, the output is determined by the input(s). Each member of Organical has a tremendously diverse set of musical influences… jazz, metal, ambient, funk, ’70s experimental prog, movie soundtracks, obscure independent artists, the list goes on.

As individuals, our musical tastes run the gamut. As a group, we’re pretty schizo-freakin’-phrenic. However, i don’t think i’ve ever encountered such an open-minded group of people to collaborate with. Everyone truly listens without prejudice to just about everything that gets brought in, whether it’s just an influential piece we listen to as a band, a new song demo or a new part one of us has come up with.

We play what we like… and we like a lot of stuff.

So what kind of music do we play? Metal? Post-Rock with Vocals? Pan Flute Spider Monkey Porno Soundtracks? Ultimately, these are all just labels. Labels invented by record companies (okay, maybe not that last one) to try and group together artists that sound somewhat similar in order to market them under a convenient “genre”. This narrowly-defined system of musical labels leaves eclectic bands like ours dangling out there in no-man’s-land.

But you know what? It’s getting less and less lonely out here. As more and more artists find their audiences directly, there’s less need for the old “genre” system of labeling music. Music is just… music.

What kind of music do you think we play?

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